Our Expert

Sanford Henry
Expertise In:
  • Corporate strategy
  • Transatlantic trade
  • Investments and Fund management
  • Strategic thinking

  • Sanford is Managing Director of Asset Solutions. He advises corporate clients and family offices on investments, transatlantic trade, corporate strategy; asset based lending, acquisitions, due diligence and fund management.   He is a partner of Global Resources Partnership, Strategic Thinker, Bosphorus Group and Senior Advisor to Dr.Schwarz-Schilling & Partners, City & Westminster and MEC Consult (Middle East). He is a member of Chatham House, The Pilgrims, Fellow at British American Business and member of the Conservative and Republican parties.

     He has worked in over forty countries for international companies in senior positions:  Edmond de Rothschild, Russia Partners (Siguler Guff), Polish Privatization Fund (Lazard), Polish and Hungarian-American Enterprise Funds (U.S. Government), Lazard Medical Ventures, U.S. Leasing International, Inc (Vice President: Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia), Holiday Inn, Groupe L’Express, Ford Motor Company and journalist: WGBH & WHLS.  He has been a member of Financial Conduct Authority, Securities Institute and Board Director of over twenty companies.

     Sanford has worked in politics and media in the US and internationally. He is a citizen of both the U.S. and U.K., married, living in London. He completed university undergraduate and graduate studies, including a master’s thesis on German politics in the U.S. (Michigan State/Michigan), Switzerland (Lausanne), Germany (Cologne) and Great Britain (London).

     As a recent Visiting Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, he researched, lectured on trade at Regent’s University and is now writing a book: Only Trade Works:” A History of Transatlantic Trade” for publication this year.