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Guest Column

Never Annoy your Man-Friday

It is an old saying that a marwari banya sits over a decision for many days before operating on it. I found it very true in 1993 when a top businessman of India rang me up and said that he wanted to meet me urgently and urged me to come to his house. I was conducting the evening news meeting and as soon as it ended I drove to his house. I found him in bad shape when I reached his house. He told me that there had been an income tax raid a short time ago. I asked him who had informed the Income tax author... Read More

Guest Column

Collective Wisdom leads to better Business Decisions

Way back in early nineties I was editing the Delhi edition of The Financial Express. One morning while skimming through various newspapers and magazines for new ideas for stories, I came across two family-owned businesses (FOB); one showing declining trend and the other of prospering business. I became interested why the two FOBs were showing opposite trends though both were FOBs of long standing reputation. I became interested in knowing more to find out the reasons as I thought it would make a good st... Read More

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Emergence of FOB (Family owned business) in India

Three thousand and five hundred years ago, the Aryans are said to have passed through the Khyber Pass of Hindu Kush mountains to enter India. Fascinated by the vastness of the country, its greenery and beauty, they settled down in the new land. Being nomads with herds of animals, they roamed across the plains of Punjab, searching for grazing land. As they mingled and socialised with the locals and integrated into the social system, they shifted to agriculture and settled in villages. It was the beginning of two ... Read More

Guest Column

Families in Business Need for Professionals

Ask a senior professional to work in a company which is Family Owned and the first reaction is likely to be , “What? Me work in a Lala-company? No thank you. ”

Speak to any “Lala”, the most widely used term for the Promoter/Owner of a Family Owned business, about employing a professional at senior levels and a common reaction is, “Professionals are selfish and full of attitude. Much as I need them in my business it is very difficult to work with them.”

Corporat... Read More

Guest Column

Developing Political Connections

‘The businessman should be a rajput, son of the ruler,’ is an old Marwari saying. It is true as any businessman will endorse, of course off the record, that developing political connections is important for successful and profitable business. In the past, the businessman harboured politicians for benefit but today they actively facilitate politics. It has become all the more necessary because political influence and connections have become critical for basics of business like land acquisitio... Read More